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Belly Pictures- Baby Number Three

I forget when I started taking belly pictures with Turkey Girl... but I started this time at 15 weeks. I only took a few belly pictures with my first pregnancy. I thought I was too overweight to take any kind of decent picture, it was a decision I regret. I came to love my big belly. In fact, the only time I'm truly in love with my body is when I'm big and full with baby. There seem to be few plus size belly pictures out there, so I decided to take it upon myself and take many with my second. It was remarkable to watch a few weeks go by with little change, then suddenly, a BIG development!

I post these pictures weekly, as much for myself as for any mom out there looking for plus size belly pictures. I also add little mundane updates about my pregnancy. Such fun. ;)


What you'll see for the first several pictures is primarily belly fluff. Yes, there's TOTALLY a bump under that fluff, and if I was skinny, it would likely be a good size bump. My belly button is already working on inverting and I went into maternity around week nine. Though, I suspect my insides didn't have time to knit back together completely after my last pregnancy. Maybe it just all figured it knew what to do and it might as well get it all over with!


17 weeks: I can't wrap my brain around being 17 weeks already. How has it been three months since we found out about this baby? I'm pretty freaked out at this pregnancy is going, but definitely looking forward to being big and full of wiggling, kicking baby. You can certainly see a change between last week and this week, that slight indent is gone. I'm starting to feel led by my belly and I can feel the relaxin going to work in my pelvis as I've taken on a looser gait. Everything happens so much more quickly with number three! The fun part? I've really started to feel this baby moving over the last week. 
Looking forward to watching my belly dance.Aside from a slight bout with anemia, I've been doing quite well. And recently began seeing a really awesome chiropractor who has even offered up breast milk for Turkey Girl. 

18 weeks: Baby has been wiggling and thumping just under my belly button now. It's so weird to me that my uterus and the baby could even be that big already. I couldn't help but peak in on the little Belly Being with the doppler the night before last. I use my doppler sparingly, but sometimes I just love to hear the heart and the movements. And boy, the little bugger sure is moving in there! All scratches and wooshes on the doppler. 

19 Weeks- It's rather like having a tiny kitten in my belly. I cant believe how high up I'm feeling the kicks and wiggles. And while my belly being has started kicking up a storm, my 8 month old has taken first steps. This is all going too fast! Oh, and tee shirts don't fit anymore. Cool. Every woman feels sexy waking up with a tee shirt bunched up to her arm pits. But somehow, this week looks smaller than last week. Ah well, I know it's growing. Anatomy scan next week!

20 Weeks: Well, the long awaited (yet weirdly fast in coming) anatomy scan was today. And there it was, one perfect little boy, just as I had suspected all along! Seriously though, HOW are we about halfway through this pregnancy already? Seeing that little guy in there really drove home that I really am pregnant. Man, we need diapers!

My head is not that big, but the flash amplifies my hair for sure!
That's his face. Arms are up over the sides of his face, hands at his forehead. You can kind of see his eyes and nose, mouth looks open. Look at it like a Magic Eye. ;) 

Week 21: We're sailing now! Oh man this is going so fast.. Scored some newborn dipes for a great price though. Unfortunately, I birth such big babes they won't last too long. Still need some OS dipes! 

I have a slight waddle these days. Looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem like dramatic growth, but I'm feeling it!

Bare belly. :)
22 weeks- This baby is a real mover! And hiccups.. oi, the hiccups! At least 3-5 times a day, the familiar spasms rock my belly. 

23 weeks: Firstly, dirty mirror alert. I was just too lazy to go to the kitchen to the the glass cleaner. Meh. Secondly, wow, I feel so pregnant these days. I can't believe how much I'm feeling this baby move and kick and hiccup and flip. He seems to be favoring transverse and head down lately. But, he's got all the room in the world to lay however he wants right now. 

24 Weeks: The age of viability. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I hit this point. I'm not sure why. Especially now that I've had two perfectly full term pregnancies. I suppose I'm just a little more comfortable at the thought that *should* my body decide it was time to go into labor, my baby would have a better go of it. 
I hit a sudden realization a few days ago. I have four months left. When did this happen? Four months!? We are NOT ready. I mean.. actually, for the birth itself, we're almost all set. I need to order a few things, but otherwise we still have quite a bit leftover from our last birth, being that it was less than a year ago. But.. we need diapers. BOY do we need diapers. And also, I'd like a nap. A really long nap before this baby comes. 

I was going for some antiqu-y photo effects.. I think I accomplished washed out effects.

25 Weeks: I feel really pregnant all of a sudden. Man.. the batteries in my good camera are dead so I took this with my cell phone.. apparently the lens was smudged, which I didn't notice.. and the mirror was filthy, which I did know. Oh well. Here it is.

27 weeks: Whoops, missed week 26. Oh well. Hello third trimester!

Laugh at my shiny face and wet hair. It's ok. I did. ;)

31 weeks: I really missed a lot of weeks. I kept thinking "I'll snap one tomorrow". First there was the issue of batteries dying in my camera again then I lost my purple shirt. I found it this morning with some extensive digging through - get this - a basket full of clean, folded clothes. It makes me realize that that basket has also been sitting neglected (like my bey pictures) for over a month. Ouch. Mom fail. 
Seeing the chiropractor weekly and having mild panic attacks at how fast time is flying by. I'm not quite sure how I'll get done everything I've got on my list, but I'm knocking it down task by task. I'm finally feeling my house come together with some sort of organization and I'm knitting furiously. My mom is taking the kids for the day tomorrow so I can sew up birthday and Christmas presents. (Speaking of which, I cannot believe Turkey Girl's birthday is next month! I was three weeks more pregnant this time last year. Time really doesn't care about my feelings at all.)

A bare belly pic seemed in order. Makes the purple shirt a moot point, eh? Well. I like details.

Week 32/33: Well, I'll own it. I'm awful at remembering to take pictures this time around. The purple shirt I've been wearing for pictures is just not fitting anymore. The skin tight translucency is decidedly unflattering so I'm switching shirts. I'm sure this will cause quite a stir. ;) So here is a picture for you: 32+6. Oh boy am I pregnant. The weeks are sliding by. And also, my bellybutton is awesome.

34 weeks: I'm only suddenly aware of how pregnant I've become. Do you realize December is 4 1/2 weeks away? Yeah. I'm kind of freaking out and going into super mom mode around the house. Stuff needs to be sewn and knit, household needs to be organized, baby clothes washed.. I'm really waiting for that extreme nesting bug to bite any day now. 

37 weeks- Wow. Time is flying fast..Three weeks to the guess date. "Full term" and baby can come anytime. I suspect we have at least three weeks to wait though. Feeling pretty good for the most part, but definitely starting to feel it in my hips (thank you arthritis in my SI joints). Our birth pool arrived today and we're both getting very excited to meet the new little man. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm nervous about laboring again though. Little bit of vag scared going on. ;)

Week 38.. and a few days: We took the obligatory Christmas tree + belly picture. The fella takes awful pictures of me.. well, not always, but so often that I swear he tries to do it on purpose. 
Somehow he always makes me look several inches shorter than I really am.

 Week 39: I can't wrap my brain around being a week from the guess date. I feel great. Achy hips, swollen feet, slightly achy back... definitely getting tired.. and Oh So Emotional. But, generally speaking, I feel pretty great. I still think my method for achieving such a positive state of mind is simply that I've not had any of the time I had in previous pregnancies to dwell on how far along I was or how much time we had to go yet. I anticipate meeting baby sometime in the next two weeks. I'm in no hurry. I'm not sick of being pregnant. But I am starting to really look forward to meeting this little guy and laying in bed with a new little nursling.

There is a baby in that thar belly! A big ol' baby!

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  1. Aw! Beautiful! I love happy moms with awesome baby bellies!