Monday, June 27, 2011

A Matter of Perspective: Maternity Unit Shut Down

Maternity Unit Shut Down amidst Allegations of Abuse
AP: June 27, 2011: Breaking news from the News Desk.

A hospital in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, has had their maternity unit shut down after reports of child abuse by staff members was brought to light.

When investigators went to Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale, PA, they found adults wearing masks fondling newborn genitalia and unethically amputating healthy tissue from the boys' penises for no medical reason whatsoever. The investigators also discovered anesthesia was not used during these procedures.

The offending parties have been charged with circumfetishism, endangering the welfare of a minor, sexual assault and physical assault. The judge interviewed has gone on record to state, "You can bet all those charged in these crimes will be serving several years in prison."

After the expose at this hospital, it was also discovered the same horrifying assaults were being conducted in neighboring hospitals in Scranton, PA. Investigators are hinting there will be many doctors implicated all over the country by the time the investigation has concluded. Experts are not entirely sure there is enough room in prisons to handle this surge in criminal activity.

When put into terms like this, routine infant circumcision seems a lot more like a crime than a routine surgery.

Thanks to Monica Baguchinsky Lunn at for the guest post.


  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to be a guest contributor!

  2. Thanks Monica! Its about time this was brought to light!!!

  3. This is one topic I try to avoid. My son was not circumcised when he was born. Due to medical reasons, it HAD to be done when he was five and it was horrifically traumatizing. If I ever have another boy, I'll be very, very split and I hate myself for even CONSIDERING it.

  4. And it's less traumatic when done to an unanesthetised newborn?